Why Listening Makes for Great Sex

The clitoris is not a button…it is a truth-teller.

When a woman is not admitting what she really wants in life or in her relationship, her clitoris will also hold back its full engorgement. And, when a man is not really getting a woman, her clit’s responsiveness will decrease. But, a man who is listening can feel when a woman’s true enthusiasm is coming out because her turn-on sparks, and so does her clit.

Most of us, both women and men, know how to use a clit to get ourselves or our partners off: we rub the button! And, we miss its many subtle signals.

How do we learn to speak the clit’s language? After all, a clit has a wealth of information. And, a clit will never lie.

We start by savoring the clit. Like savoring anything else, we slow down and notice the tiniest details. Where does the clit develop a little bump or a dimple? Those are key sensitive spots! Stroking these pencil-points of high sensation separately is thrilling.

Second, we notice changes in engorgement as they occur. And, we notice changes in engorgement day to day. The clit’s responsiveness increases as a woman steps into her desires in all of life.

Third, we’re curious. Often, women haven’t even admitted to themselves what they really want. So, we experiment with different options (in life as well as in the bedroom). We stay in a place of discovery!

Tap into your curiosity today,…and take a moment to tune in to a clit the next time you encounter one.