One Way to Win, Two Ways to Lose

Simply put, the winners are the ones who don’t quit. With each new obstacle, they keep going forward—failing, learning, trying again. Every person who made a difference in the world also had a failure to get through. Mozart. Einstein. Ghandhi. Mother Theresa.

On the other hand, we quit by making ourselves wrong or by making our partners wrong.

Obstacles come. Failures happen. We get hurt. Our partners get hurt. There is no need to blame. These things happen if we are going for something that matters. In fact, if we aren’t running into obstacles, failure, and hurt, we probably aren’t really on the court of life; we’re waiting in the stands.

The single rule for winning is don’t quit. Instead, keep playing. Stay engaged. Resist blaming. Be curious. Follow the thread of desire.

You are far more resilient than you know. When we persevere and stay engaged, we surprise even ourselves. And, through it all, we can be gentle with ourselves and our partners.

Don’t quit before the miracle.