Pleasure or Pain

Blessings. Problems. Gifts. Losses. Where we put our attention determines which one grows.

Ever notice that we always have problems, but sometimes they bother us and sometimes they don’t? Our problems don’t determine our happiness. What most determines our happiness is our capacity for joy.

When we run out of our capacity for joy, we turn our attention to our problems. Granted, problems have to be handled. But, our culture has less urgency that blessings have to be celebrated.

We are skilled at pondering and analyzing our problems. What about the skill of savoring, celebrating, and relishing our blessings? We share a problem, and it takes us 30 minutes or an hour. We share a victory, and it takes us 3 to 10 minutes!

What do you like about your life right now? About yourself? About your relationships? How does your body feel as you allow yourself time for appreciation? Do you know how to revel in delight?

From goal setting, to our relationships, to our overall well-being, everything benefits from starting with what is good. Would you like to become an expert at cherishing joys in your life?