Joy is the Goal

When we decide to prioritize aligning ourselves with our deep inner sense of joy and fulfillment, we are on a ride for our lives! So many times we sacrifice this vibrant inner well-being simply to be right or to make a point or to look good. We protect our self-image. We defend. We behave from habit. Then, we discover that we’ve lost sight of the goal. We’ve disconnected from our inner joy.

What makes us feel the best of all? Letting love flow through us. We cherish ourselves and our partner in all our uniqueness. Who cares who is to blame? Who cares how we look? Who cares if our risk didn’t pay off? None of this matters if we stay in that juicy place of love and joy and open-heartedness.

Be vulnerable. Open your heart. Share your dreams. Live on the edge of full vitality. Today share one appreciation and one desire without being attached to the outcome. Here is where the fun is. Here is where our bodies light up. Here is where pleasure comes in its full profundity.