Receiving, the Final Frontier

Receiving love and touch from someone requires letting them in beyond all our defenses. We want to be known and loved for all that we are and all that we’re not. We want to make contact at a deep level. Beneath even our hurts and fears lie our raw desires.

You know that feeling? You’re vulnerable and surrendered. You see into each other’s eyes. Tenderly exposed, neither of you is in control. Something else has taken over—something unpredictable, spontaneous, and vibrantly alive.

How do we move from self-protection to profound intimacy?

We cultivate approval of ourselves and our partner, knowing our fundamental innocence.

We own all of our feelings without blaming, noticing how our interpretations are our worst enemies.

We slow down and come into silence together, feeling each other’s being.

We acknowledge that we are loved, that at our core we are love.

We open ourselves, willing to experience every nuance of our encounter, moving in curiosity and discovery.

We follow the vibrant pulse of life and connection. Rather than fear or resentment, we choose joy and savoring.

Today it is your choice.