Unfulfilled Desires

So often we want something and get upset that it hasn’t happened yet. Nevertheless, two moments after it finally happens, we want something else.

We like to have desires. They make us feel alive and give us direction.

We also use desires to cause ourselves pain. When we get impatient, we start blaming. We blame some “weakness” or “inadequacy” in ourselves for the lack of fulfillment of our desire in our timing. Or, we blame someone else, putting a wedge in our relationship.

Blaming happens when we have become attached to our desires being fulfilled a certain way in a certain timeframe.

Can you enjoy having a desire that hasn’t yet been fulfilled?

Desire directs life. Plants grow toward the sun. Animals make their homes near food sources. Our desires to be loved and to love have increased our understanding of emotional health, communication, and compassionate relating.

Desire without attachment feels like a shimmering thread of energy in our body or a voluptuous spaciousness, alive and open.

What can you savor about your not-yet fulfilled desires?