Most Overlooked Aphrodisiac

Appreciating another person turns us on! We like who we are when we are appreciating someone. Appreciating someone else brings out our best selves. Our life feels richer.

If we appreciate our partner, the effect is multiplied! Our partner considers us in their decision-making innumerable times throughout the day. If we acknowledged the loving intent constantly coming our way, we would feel bathed in love.

Unfortunately we get caught in the trap of “fixing”—ourselves and others. Fixing is an anti-aphrodisiac. Fixing is a mindset even more than a behavior. If a gardener were to think of himself as “fixing” the rose buds to get them to bloom, he might do nurturing things, but he would be terribly misappraising the rose buds.

A gardener knows rose buds become roses. He relaxes and supports the process without fretting. Likewise, we each are in a discovery of how to live in love, truth, and joy. We can respect each person’s process.

In fact, many of us best learn how to enjoy ourselves when death looms nearer, and we start appreciating effortlessly and with abandon. Why not start today?