The #1 Way We All Resist Love

Every day far more love and pleasurable opportunities come toward us than we take in. The #1 way that we resist them is by finding something inadequate about them.

The day I heard this, I think, “This principle couldn’t apply to me; the rare times that I complain are always for a good reason.”

Then, I start experimenting. Every time I start to criticize something, I look to see if there is some gift that I’m not fully taking in. At first, I don’t see much. Then, I dig a little deeper, and I find the treasure. It is true! I’m downplaying great things in my life! I catch myself and increase my capacity to receive.

Five years later, I have more love than I ever thought one person could receive. And, I still do my practice: using moments of criticizing as a flag to find more demonstrations of love to take in.

We all unconsciously limit how much love we receive. By simply using this practice, we uncover ways we turn down love and receive it instead.

What demonstration of love can you open to receive?