Version 2My name is Lisa Carrillo. I am a sex, relationship, and dating coach. My approach recognizes that complex desires, concerns, and beliefs interact inside of you. So, I explore these areas, offering support, understanding, new perspectives, and helpful exercises as well as teach specific sensual techniques.

My goal is for you to experience:

  • More pleasure in all of your life
  • More passion
  • More creative lovemaking
  • More spaciousness where you feel limited
  • More peace and joy in your connecting

I started coaching and teaching at the request of coaches who were using my guidance as a resource and by invitation from the main sex and sensuality center in New York City. My unique approach integrates extensive training in sensuality, psychology, communication, mindfulness, and spirituality. In addition to my relationship and sensuality training, I have an M.S. in Chemical Engineering and an M.B.A. and worked for 12 years in process optimization and marketing product management.