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Finding the Right Fit

“I know this isn’t the one for me,” she said. “But, I don’t know how to find the one that is.”

Have you been there with a relationship, a job, or a living situation?

I have found these periods to be the “calm before the storm.” Months later, I find that the “stuck” thing has changed, and I’m in a whirlwind of movement. So, now I enjoy the period of waiting—it is my opportunity to rest and prepare for what is coming!

If something has been stuck for a very long time, then perhaps it is time to look at what we are withholding from the situation. How are we not fully showing up in our current situation? Or how are we not fully acknowledging the movement that is happening?

For example, when I was dissatisfied at my corporate job, I looked at how, if I were the company owner, I would improve the company and decided to take on improving inter-department cooperation as my personal project. Within months of improving inter-department cooperation, a new opportunity opened up that allowed me to leave my job.

Over and over this has happened for me….when I have fully showed up with my vision, my hopes, and my vulnerabilities, my situations or relationships have shifted. Now I am grateful for the lulls in life as the respite between the changes.