aa_couple_kissing_on_beachMake dating fun and a real turn-on.

Learn to focus your intention to attract your true partner or soulmate.

Become an expert in sensuality, both in giving and receiving, rather than waiting for passion and chemistry to magically appear.

Master the erotic dance of initiation and response that ignites attraction and intimacy rather than only friendship.

Take a step beyond mere relationship advice and explore your spontaneous relating by identifying what traits you attract and what traits you want to attract.

Enhance your natural ability to connect romantically through developing:

  • Self love
  • Authentic connection
  • Intuitive attention

To make dating a fun journey of turn-on and discovery, contact me.


“Lisa has coached me for over a year, and I cannot overstate how impressed I am with her coaching. Lisa has the gift of being warm and approachable while simultaneously challenging me to stretch beyond my comfort zone. Working with Lisa, I finally found the courage to take actions that before I had only dreamed about, and I am so grateful for the results. Her balance of wisdom, caring, and dedication is truly one of a kind.” D.C., Psychologist